Xedscore is a recruitment aid as well as placement enhancement tool designed to serve the needs of both employers and management students. The tool uses various scores like communication, aptitude, domain and current affairs. This helps bring out the various skill sets and strength areas of a student allowing him to gain a better standing during the placement season. Xed Score significantly increases the visibility of a student and helps him or her reach out to prospective employers. The result is access to more and better jobs without overdependence on campus visits. For more details kindly visit : http://www.xedscore.com/

  1. Benefits for Recruiters

    Benefits for Recruiters

    • Filtered job applicants
    • Greater access to a number of students throughout the year
    • Save time, cost & effort
    • FREE
  2. Benefits for Institutes

    Benefits for Institutes

    • More companies, wider geographical and sector reach
    • Companies who cannot visit campus can also hire with ease
    • Placement officer can communicate with thousands of recruiters in the database
    • Placement officer gets notifications for every job posted and each interview call
  3. Benefits for Students

    Benefits for Students

    • More and better jobs (both final and summer placements)
    • Higher packages
    • All students have equal chance of being hired
    • Unplaced candidates will continue to receive interview calls for six more months