Developing learning solutions which enhances students learning and performance is an extremely satisfying feeling as it shapes India 's future. Xed Intellect invites you to be a part of this transformation process. We are looking for passionate and talented individuals with strong work ethics in the following areas:

 • Research Analysts
 • Marketing / Sales Executives
 • Software Developers
 • Operation Managers / Executives

Why you should join us?

Manpower is our most important resource and we are extremely committed in hiring the best and training them to ensure that we develop learning solutions which can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical understanding.

Organizational Culture

Xed Intellect encourages a very open, communicative and knowledge sharing environment which motivates people to perform to their potential.

Our Expectations

We are looking for open minded and creative research analysts with a flair for business and writing.


Contact Us

For job enquiries, contact us at mailto: or contact No: 9503422562