Xed English

Xed English is a 1 Month full time Spoken English Training Program. At the end of the course you will be confident of speaking in English, both professionally and socially.

The ability to speak fluent English creates new possibilities.

Higher Salary - It helps you to demonstrate your skills in a job interview. Almost all high salaried jobs require Spoken English as a critical skill.

Better Social Status - It improves your perceived social status. Helps you make friends with the people you admire.

Better Education - All higher education is in English medium. English language is important if you are dreaming of pursuing a higher qualification.

Xed English is a fast and guaranteed way of becoming fluent in Spoken English because:

1.It is fast: Xed English takes only 1 month for students to become fluent English speakers. Students can start earning much higher salaries as they complete this program.

2.It is effective: Here students take a pledge to speak only in English for 1 month with other batch mates. At the end of the program you’ll be a much confident speaker.

3.It provides a fun & activity based environment: Most of us have never got an English speaking environment at home, with friends or at school/college. Xed English provides a fun, activity based English speaking environment where without hesitation and fear, you will create a habit of speaking in English.

  1. Drama

  2. Word/Sentence Games

  3. Role Play

  4. Interviews

  5. Mad ads

  6. Party games

  7. Discussions

  8. Debate/Speech

Other Details:

Batch Duration: 1st Aug’18 – 31st Aug’18

Daily Timings: 9am – 6pm

Location: Pune

Fees: Rs 10,000 (includes taxes)

Contact Person: Mr. Raj Tater

Call: 9923174371